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Our Story

A look behind the scenes

Who is Deadblind?

Established in 2016, Deadblind was born out of necessity and passion. I (Niels Hahn-Petersen) started wearing jewellery at an early age but felt the market was lacking and couldn’t provide the exact type of jewellery I was after. Also, ever since I was a kid a major passion of mine has been using my hands to make something. So I put two and two together and thought, why don’t I just make my own stuff? From there I did a load of research and started teaching myself how to make jewellery, and after a couple years of experimenting Deadblind was founded.

I am a massive metalhead and a sucker for anything vintage and worn, so our design style is heavily influenced by heavy metal, rock n roll, and its culture. Every piece is built tough and made to not only hold up through a lifetime of heavy wear and tear - but also to look like it’s already been on the road for a few years. This translates into chunky, solid, rugged, and often distressed and aged jewellery that gives off just the right worn-in feel.

Today I work out of my home studio in Copenhagen where I make every piece of jewellery by hand. Deadblind has always been a one-man-operation and still is to this day, and I cherish every moment!

- Niels

Handmade Heavy Metals

the process

We take pride in the fact that every piece of jewellery is handmade in-house using only the highest quality precious metals we can source. We work primarily with the lost wax casting technique, meaning all items are first hand-carved in wax after which the wax model gets cast in the desired metal alloy - we exclusively use solid 925 sterling silver and solid gold.

After casting we use a variety of tools and techniques for the finishing process in order to get our pieces looking and feeling proper before they land on you.

Made to last

Quality & Guarantee

We are confident in the fact that our pieces are the highest quality they can be, and due to the nature of the precious metals we work with we can confidently say our jewellery will last a lifetime. In fact, we are proud to offer a lifetime guarantee on all products!

This means that should your item get damaged or break at any point due to manufacturer errors, we will either repair or replace your item free of charge. If your item becomes damaged or broken, please contact us so we can help solve the issue!